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In "Cambrian" the processes of glaciation, erosion, and sedimentation are only partially explainable, and any attempts to unravel geological process must be ultimately defeated by nature's mutability: "Murchison's quarrel / with Sedgwick," where they were "disputing Silurian layers / on the Cambrian map," is ironized by what is going on outside, where "the wind blazed higher / renewing its quarrel with everything they drew.
That suggests that even if the planet isn't biologically active, some unknown geological process is very much alive, continually releasing methane into the air.
Plate tectonics, the geological process in which large plates of crustal material slowly move around the surface of the Earth, is widely considered to be continuous, with material being created where plates move apart and consumed where they converge.
We need to delve below the symptoms and find the disease, and at the technical level, part of the disease lies in the nature of agriculture, the unique geological process of the Holocene (Chesworth, 1996, 2002).
The rugged face of Mars may have been shaped by plate tectonics, the same geological process that is responsible for earthquakes, ocean basins and continental drift on Earth, according to Norman H.
Early results from such forward modeling of the whole geological process have led Colin North to question one of the tenets of geology.
In the research led by Christopher Oze, the team measured rates of methane and hydrogen production during a geological process called olivine hydrolysis, or serpentinization.
Mr Connors says that erosion is occurring to the slip face itself, below the road, and a larger geological process is generating more deep-seated movement adjacent and north of the slip.
They also discovered an unexpected class of landform on Mercury and suggest that a previously unrecognized geological process is responsible for its formation.
There are similar examples of this on Earth involving both oceanic and continental plates, but this may be the first evidence of this geological process on Mercury," Watters said.
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