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But there is evidence in traditional Jewish sources that the term niflega refers to a geological phenomenon.
Next stop was the fishing port of Olden, where a coach took us to within walking distance of Briksdal Glacier, a geological phenomenon which grows or shrinks each winter to spark scientific debates.
However, Jackson natives will probably know that the culprit is a geological phenomenon called Yazoo clay.
Thousands flock to the Cave at Knaresborough, where her legendary birthplace is near to the famous geological phenomenon the Petrifying Well.
Zisco is located about 150km west of Harare and is astride massive high-grade iron ore reserves on Zimbabwe's great dyke mineral-rich geological phenomenon.
These qualities make it something of a geological phenomenon as well as a spiritual mecca for the Irish, who make pilgrimages to the peak.
This geological phenomenon resembles a mini-Grand Canyon.
Situated on a veritable monolith floating on the Earth's crust, DBFT's main facility in Victoria tops a geological phenomenon of igneous rock measuring several kilometers in surface dimension and 80 kilometers in depth.
Devon Island is a polar desert with a meteor crater in it that has created all kinds of geological phenomenon that are similar to what people believe exist on Mars.
Outside Sana'a the greatest concentrations of mud tower houses are in the Wadi Hadramaut, a most extraordinary geological phenomenon in the east of the country.
Continue north along that breathtaking coastline, via pretty towns such as Cushendall and the port of Ballycastle, and you'll come to that geological phenomenon, the Giant's Causeway.
Rapidly progressing techniques in geochemistry, as well as in broadband seismology, autonomous underwater geophysics, and geodynamic modeling - combined with the new global geophysical data coverage - should make the coming decade a most exciting time to study the fascinating geological phenomenon of ridge-hotspot interactions.
Monument Valley is a geological phenomenon in southeastern Utah.
Not only does the Yucatan have a similar geology as the Gulf, but it also has an analogous subduction zone -- a geological phenomenon which continually generates both petroleum and petroleum traps and renders the 'chicken-and-the-egg' problem of timing somewhat irrelevant.
The Hamster begins his journey in Ripon, North Yorkshire - where 25 years ago he witnessed his first geological phenomenon, a sinkhole.
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