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The river continues to flow within its banks despite the geological phenomenon [upriver]," said Raul Tecalco Gomez, president of the organization Atoyac Extremo.
One chapter retraces the human fascination with strange geological phenomenon unearthed over the centuries.
Scientists have made the first observation of an active diapir--an unusual geological phenomenon in which rising magma causes a portion of the Earth's surface to rise and the surrounding area to sink--on the Altiplan-Puna plateau in the central Andes.
Lopatari-Manzalesti area is also mentioned for its white-grayish pyramidal formation of dacitic tuffs, shaped by water-wind erosion, known as La Grunj (at Manzalesti, from the bed of the river Slanic) and a geological phenomenon, caused by the natural gas given off by the earth, called The Live Fire (at Terca village) (Fig.
The Mendive project involved action aimed at promoting the structure's resistance against the impact of geological phenomenon.
During the trip students discovered the Dahal Al-Mesfer cave, located in the Southern region of Qatar near Salwa Road, a typical geological phenomenon created by the erosion of the underground water on carbonate layers deep in the ground.
The Zuna Concession lays on top of the same geological phenomenon (Ring Fracture) as Los Tres Machos, a project also owned by Alto Group Holdings.
Stone being Stone, he can't resist bogging us down straight away with a wordy intro about a geological phenomenon.
EARTHQUAKES of the sort that devastated Haiti also provide scientists a rare opportunity to study geological phenomenon.
It's no surprise to find out that his infancy was spent in a river valley that had lost its river to a geological phenomenon, or that he found himself writing about blackcurrants as speech-writer for a young Prince Charles in the mid-1970s.
But there is evidence in traditional Jewish sources that the term niflega refers to a geological phenomenon.
Next stop was the fishing port of Olden, where a coach took us to within walking distance of Briksdal Glacier, a geological phenomenon which grows or shrinks each winter to spark scientific debates.
However, Jackson natives will probably know that the culprit is a geological phenomenon called Yazoo clay.
Thousands flock to the Cave at Knaresborough, where her legendary birthplace is near to the famous geological phenomenon the Petrifying Well.
Zisco is located about 150km west of Harare and is astride massive high-grade iron ore reserves on Zimbabwe's great dyke mineral-rich geological phenomenon.
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