geological period

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a unit of geological time during which a system of rocks formed

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Sure, it's possible to confuse one geological period with another or lose track of Fortey's live subjects, numerous as they are.
These species include dwarf hippos, whales, elephants and even a uniquely Cypriot mouse, which existed here during the quaternary geological period, from around 1.
Will homo sapiens, in other words, define a geological period in the same way that dinosaurs -- and their vanishing act -- helped mark the Jurassic and the Cretaceous?
Originally they were inhabitant of the sea when the vast Indian subcontinent was submerged under the Tethys sea during the Eocene geological period, but as the land level rose and the sea dried up, the dolphins headed to adapt themselves to the new habitat provided by the turbid waters of the river.
These fossils which were found in a former quarry in the Holy Cross mountains in south-eastern Poland can be dated to the Devonian period, which is the fourth geological period of the Palaeozoic.
About 2 million years ago, much of Earth shivered in the grip of an Ice Age, or geological period of extreme cold.
But for half a billion years, these cryptic organisms presumably were slowly evolving, diverging into different lineages and finally becoming big and complex enough to leave a profusion of fossils, beginning about 565 million years ago in the late Vendian geological period and extending into the Cambrian period.
Determining the age of the mineralization could indeed place Vulcain in a geological period favourable to the development of world class Ni-Cu deposits.
They discovered that melting took place repeatedly between five and three million years ago, during a geological period called Pliocene Epoch, which may have caused sea levels to rise approximately ten metres.
Approximately 570 million years ago, in the geological period known as the Cambrian, much of Wales lay under the ancient Iapetus Ocean.
The book describes how Nature has repeatedly birthed an explosion of new life forms during each geological period, then periodically annihilated most of them.
They lived during a geological period known as the Devonian.
The biological cataclysm that ended the Permian geological period is the greatest of five mass extinctions recognized by paleontologists (SN: 2/1/97, p.
Scientists analysed hundreds of Cotyledion tylodes fossils preserved in the Chengjiang fossil site in Yunnan province, China, dating from the Cambrian geological period (545 to 495 million years ago).
The image that has gotten out there is that there was suddenly this demise of the forests and the woodlands, the opening of the savannas, and the hominids striding out into this brand-new, open country-with all this happening in a fairly short geological period of 300,000 years.
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