geological horizon

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a layer of rock with a particular composition (especially of fossils)

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The key conclusion is that geological horizons exist within these sediments that are "highly likely" to contain gas due to the strength and variety of seismic attributes observed at those levels.
Interesting geological horizons for natural gas have been found since 1990, the year when EGPC and some of its foreign partners like Agip began to focus on areas potentially rich in natural gas.
Licence located in a working hydrocarbon system * + Close to existing production and multiple discoveries + Two previous wells drilled in 1970s - one encountered gas * Ten large prospects/leads previously identified and independently confirmed by a Competent Person in 2010 * + Six oil prospects and leads with potential recoverable resources of between 805 - 7,526 million barrels oil ('MMbo') + Four gas leads with potential recoverable resources of 1,084 - 7,304 billion cubic feet of gas ('BCF') * Multiple geological horizons - structures mapped in Top Chalk, Top Rotliegendes and Top Pre-Permian reservoirs * Significant (11,600km) existing 2D seismic and well database is available at nominal cost.
DNO, which was among the first companies to operate in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein, meanwhile said it had separately "undertaken to estimate the size of other discoveries on its licenses in the Kurdistan region of Iraq as well as the potential of all undrilled prospects and geological horizons in response to a request by the Kurdistan Ministry of Natural Resources.
In future, the goal will be to test geological horizons close to the C10 that could host these deposits.
Geological horizons to recognize can be clays Plicatules the Aptian, the Callovo-Oxfordian clay and marl Gault clay and marl domeriennes without being exhaustive.
And the known oil fairways have proved to contain limited reserves compared with the geological horizons in Libya or the Persian Gulf.
The geological horizons have been encountered at the predicted depths, or slightly higher than predicted and oil and gas shows similar to those in the original borehole were recorded in the Flamingo Formation secondary objective.
The known oil fairways in Egypt have proved to contain limited reserves compared with the geological horizons in Libya or the Persian Gulf.
borehole and to explore for new reserves in additional geological horizons.
The geological horizons have been encountered as predicted, or slightly higher than predicted.
The Company has drilled four exploration wells on Block 9 over the past two years, all of which have resulted in the successful discovery of hydro-carbons in a number of different geological horizons.
Geological horizons can be recognized clays Plicatules the Aptian, argillites Callovian-Oxfordian clays and marls of the Gault, clays and marls domeriennes without this list being exhaustive.
But these estimates are based on geological horizons already surveyed.
It is possible that gas-rich areas within these geological horizons extend as far as the deep waters off Gaza, off Israel, off Lebanon and off Cyprus - though the experience of British Gas so far indicates that the farther the exploration goes to the north of Egypt the smaller the gas reservoirs are likely to be.
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