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LBPC is a production license, located within the Balikpapan geological formation with sub-bituminous coal at potentially economic calorific values.
San Gold is also the dominant land holder in the Rice Lake Greenstone Belt, which is located within the Uchi sub-province geological formation stretching from Lake Winnipeg to James Bay and contains the prolific Red Lake and Pickle Lake gold producing belts.
This is a standard method in the oil and gas industry where a well is pressurized until fractures are created in the geological formation of interest.
In fact, Twilight in the Desert is more monograph than book, a detailed and technical assessment that's heavy on references to permeability (delightfully measured in millidarcies), the Arab D geological formation, rock homogeneity, oil-water contact planes (Ghawar's being mysteriously tilted), reservoir fractures, and more.
Located in rural Marion County near the small community of Morgantown, Red Bluff is a breathtaking geological formation that's been called "Mississippi's little Grand Canyon.
2] from a Canadian industrial source into a geological formation for storage, enhanced oill and gas recovery or disposal in Canada.
Anne Barry, placed statuesquely on a moving platform, became a living geological formation as video footage of oceans and flowing lava were projected onto her enormous dress.
From its geological formation and the fossil evidence revealed from volcanic rocks, to the region's rich flora and fauna and tribal life, Pavitt presents an invaluable study of the region.
The geological formation under the 35-acre site includes a natural pathway or chimney wherein oil and gases can migrate to the surface from thousands of feet below.
The procedure was not without risks; the rising pressure in the well could force oil to leak out of the damaged casing into the surrounding geological formation that could breach the seafloor.
Based on current scientific knowledge, we cannot determine a geological formation that would be stable for hundreds of thousands of years.
Cubapetroleo said the well drilled by Malaysia's state-owned Petronas in partnership with Russia's Gazprom Neft found oil but in a geological formation so tightly compacted that oil and gas could not flow through it in "significant quantities.
5 thousand square kilometers, including 80 geological formation, 17 oil and gas fields and 490 oil and gas wells, plus identification of areas with lower exploration risks and more possibility of hydrocarbon discovery.
Driften is a geologist's paradise--or maybe gulag--in which every existing kind of geological formation, from pre-Cambrian shield rock to Cenozoic volcanic lava, can be found.
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