geological fault

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(geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other

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Karak Thrust, a northeast southwest trending and roughly north dipping geological fault juxtaposes younger Siwalik Group of sedimentary rocks of Miocene age on the south against older Bahadur Khel Salt and Jatta Gypsum of Eocene age on the north.
As journalist Michael Clegg states: "A geological fault beneath the farmhouse meant it was more practical for engineers to leave it rather than blast through and destroy it.
He goes on to illustrate how his country has been assembled upon the intersection of four different geological fault lines -- The Yammouneh fault, the Roum fault, the Serghaya fault and the Mount Lebanon fault.
Some people were trapped in lifts in Wellington, a city of 400,000 that sprawls across hills along a major geological fault.
Taking the nuclear industry to task for declaring that its aging and deteriorating reactors (some built with the same design as those of Fukushima) are safe, Smith provides ample evidence that they are not: They have been shown to leak and discharge radioactive and otherwise toxic materials into the air and water; cancer rates in the populations living in proximity to nuclear plants are skyrocketing (the nuclear industry, Smith says, is aware that there is no safe level of exposure to ionizing radiation); inspections are lax or omitted; and America's nuclear reactors are built on known geological fault lines and in highly populated areas that are prone to severe weather events and flooding.
How "safe and efficient" is it to have this waste entombed in known geological fault areas likely to sustain future earth tremors and quakes?
Earthquakes are a daily occurrence in Turkey, which is criss-crossed by geological fault lines.
We also believe the Russian government should be interested in a faster development of Trebs and Titov to keep back falling production levels in Timano-Pechora region (output decreased by 2m tonnes over the past 5 years, in particular, due to the geological fault on Yuzhno-Hylchuyskom oilfield).
Denbigh Temple Row, Wrexham, in July 1963 All Saints Church at Southsea, Wrexham, had to be demolished in August 1984, due to subsidence caused by a geological fault.
Turkey is vulnerable to earthquakes because it is located on major geological fault lines.
Major geological fault lines cross Turkey and small earthquakes are a near daily occurrence.
The new capacity was detected in the field's unexplored eastern part which is separated by a geological fault, officials said.
0 quake had put more stress on a nearby geological fault line.
Quakes result when the Earth's tectonic plates slip suddenly on a geological fault, or break in the crust.
Indonesia is on the so-called Pacific Rim of Fire, an arc of volcanoes and geological fault lines triggering frequent earthquakes around the Pacific Basin.
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