geological era

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a major division of geological time

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For her, this "timescape," as she calls the new geological era, in which humans have allegedly come to master the environment, forefronts the ideas of human exceptionalism and Enlightenmentera liberal agency--as in, humans are capable of making choices that destroy the Earth.
Each landing site highlights a different geological era of the planet.
Author MacDonald examines the Hills from the geological era through to the present day.
in the ancient southern highlands, pointing to an active role by water in Mars's earliest geological era, the Noachian period, 4.
QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: In which geological era do we live now?
When i was a youngster a geological era or two ago Oriental gents came in three varieties (our world view was shaped by derring-do tales of the less cerebral kind): inscrutable, fiendish or both.
They launched that campaign only two years ago, but to judge from their rhetoric it seems like a relic from another geological era.
Proposed by geologists in the 1980s, it's the idea that human activity has influenced the Earth to such extent as to cause a new geological era.
It seems an anomaly on a massive scale to think that hippies used to pay good money at the end of the sixties to listen to guitar solos that started in one geological era and finished in another, or to witness a drum solo that sounded like the congress of tortoises on Viagra.
Thus in Marmagne the unfathomably distant time of a remote geological era merges with the infinitesimal, with the minimal and imperceptible time of the slow, everyday mutation of things: a passing cloud, dry twigs floating by, a flower, the ruffling of the surface, the nature that lines the water sinking into the vegetation filling one of the basins.
Back in 2000, when Dutch atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen started to popularise the term to describe our time as one where human action is significant enough to be a new geological era, he probably didn't expect to inspire many album titles.
Hardrock mining exposes rock that has lain unexposed for geological eras.
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