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of or relating to or based on geology


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In the four succeeding chapters, the most apparent and gravest difficulties on the theory will be given: namely, first, the difficulties of transitions, or in understanding how a simple being or a simple organ can be changed and perfected into a highly developed being or elaborately constructed organ; secondly the subject of Instinct, or the mental powers of animals, thirdly, Hybridism, or the infertility of species and the fertility of varieties when intercrossed; and fourthly, the imperfection of the Geological Record.
Still less do we know of the mutual relations of the innumerable inhabitants of the world during the many past geological epochs in its history.
Not a geological museum," replied Flambeau; "say a psychological museum.
Under the law, the MOEA will have to undertake national basic geological survey, national geological survey of resources, and national survey of geological disasters once every five years, as well as publicize related information regularly and establish a geological database open to access by local people.
During the last 15 years geological mapping has been carried out in restricted local areas, mostly in relation to environmental protection or land development activities.
This area, you're into the Angeles National Forest and pretty hard rock, the amount of landsliding is quite a bit less than other areas,'' said Tim McCrink, senior engineering geologist with the California Geological Survey.
Crucial to minimizing the hazard potential is an understanding of the geological conditions and the processes acting on them, so there can be an accurate assessment and communication of the risk.
First announced last May in the Ontario budget, the program will enable the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) to collect, compile and analyze new geoscientific data through state-of-the-art surveys and assessments.
The show's prize exhibit is Mountain (all works 2001), a reconstruction of geologist Bailey Willis's heroic Mountain Machine, a splendid late-Victorian apparatus designed to simulate the geological phenomena now understood to be the results of sedimentation and tectonic plate movement.
When you look for the geological and paleontological evidence, I just don't think it's there," says James W.
Geological Survey required that the network be upgradeable to Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), a next-generation switching technology that enables voice, video and data to be sent quickly and efficiently over shared transmission facilities, instantaneously providing users with large amounts of network capacity as it is needed.
Part of The Geological Field Guide Series, Basic Geological Mapping, 5th Edition is an essential basic guide to field techniques in mapping geology.
Approved projects have ranged broadly in nature, and have spanned the full spectrum of geological sciences, including both basic and applied topics.
The Sudbury Deep Drilling Project, billed to be the largest earth science project in Canada, will gather information to be analyzed by Laurentian University's Virtual Reality Laboratory and formed into a 4-dimensional model of Sudbury's geological evolution.