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of or relating to or based on geology


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In February 2006, the Company initiated an in-house program to input geologic data into the computer mine model.
In a sense, these cities were hit by bad luck -- a combination of the earthquake's location and the presence of nearby geologic structures.
The chemistry of seawater reflects the geologic events and climate of the times, says University of California, Berkeley, geophysicist B.
Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Calgary, AB, geoLOGIC creates and supplies data and integrated software solutions to oil and gas exploration and production companies and related industries in North America.
It is made up of glaciers, permafrost, and ice sheets, which are thought to keep geologic sources of methane--such as coal beds and natural gas deposits--from venting into the atmosphere.
In order to be able to manage and prepare data for analysis and mapping, we are developing a geologic map data model.
There are many factors that could cause the Company's expectations and beliefs about its planned and proposed exploration activities to fail to materialize, including, but not limited to: competition for new acquisitions; availability of capital; unfavorable geologic conditions; prevailing prices for exploration equipment and services, and general regional economic conditions.
But the two travelers have started moving in different directions in recent geologic time, causing the once united Indo-Australian plate to begin splitting apart, concludes a new study by James Van Orman, James R.
There are many factors that could cause the Company's expectations and beliefs about its plans to acquire additional exploration properties, plans to drill or drilling results to fail to materialize, including competition for new acquisitions, drilling rigs and equipment; availability of capital; unfavorable market or geologic conditions or results; prevailing prices for oil and natural gas and general regional economic conditions.
When geologic forces thrust up ancient mountain ranges, they gave life a boost as well, according to paleontologists who investigated an ancient evolutionary explosion.
Geologic evidence tells scientists that large tremors have struck the region repeatedly, most recently about 300 years ago.
OTCBB:AOGS) has appointed geologic consultant Charles A.
Pancoast is joining the HuntMountain geologic staff to initiate the Dun Glen field exploration program that will include surface geochemical sampling, geophysical surveys and detailed geologic mapping aimed at delineating drill targets by summer 2006.
Hours later, at a hastily called press conference, the same team announced an even more dramatic finding: Other images showed that Venus suffered a massive landslide sometime in the past several months, providing the first confirmation of current geologic activity on a planet other than Earth.
Clearly it was sometime in the past -- probably even deep in the geologic past.