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of or relating to or based on geology


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We dont have a detailed geologic map for even one-third of the United States, yet it lays the foundation for minimizing risks from natural hazards and is the linchpin to reducing our nations dependence on foreign minerals, Murkowski said.
BV Investment Partners (BV), a middle-market private equity, said it has acquired the shares of geoLOGIC systems ltd.
Geologic methane is seeping through the edges of thawing permafrost and receding glaciers in Alaska and Greenland, according to a study by researcher Katey Walter-Anthony of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.
The Trail of Time (pictured on the cover of this magazine) is a giant geologic timeline, where every meter along the trail, each of which is identified by a bronze marker, represents one million years of Earth's history.
A geologist and geographer, Baylor is well suited for the role of guide to California's geologic wonders.
Investors are mostly active in geologic exploration of gold deposits, oil and gas fields, radioactive materials in Kyrgyzstan, said the Ministry of Natural Resources.
In 4,000-year-old ash beds buried under the city, researchers have uncovered the first geologic evidence that the volcano's power could extend so far--and they warn that the city's hazard planners should take heed.
The design, construction and cost of a building foundation in the New York City area are usually dictated by the widely varying geologic conditions encountered in the five boroughs.
Readers will not have to get far into this book to become convinced that geologic expertise has much to contribute to our understanding of and response to global health issues.
There also are many other appropriate sample containers that may be used for geologic evidence, the most preferable being those made of rigid plastic.
The compiled extant papers, including correspondence, consulting reports, research papers, legislative reports, and newspaper articles of Michael Tuomey (1805 - 1857) provide an excellent source on the significance of early geologic mapping, economic geology, and paleontology research in Alabama.
The Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) is completing a 2-yr field-based program to provide ground-truth geologic mapping for airborne geophysical surveys flown in the Petersville (Yentna) mining district in 1996, according to the Alaska Geosurvey News.
Exercises are grouped into five units: (1) introduction to geologic processes; (2) impact cratering activities; (3) planetary atmospheres; (4) planetary surfaces; and (5) geologic mapping.
Local canyons and land along the Santa Clarita Valley's waterways are marked as hazardous on geologic maps released Friday that show areas prone to landslides or water-saturated ground failure in an earthquake.
com/research/bnxxx8/the_geologic_time) has announced the addition of Elsevier Science and Technology's new report "The Geologic Time Scale 2012 2-Volume Set" to their offering.