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The Contractor will assist Invest NI with the delivery of trade services to NI companies wishing to develop business throughout the respective geographical regions.
Among the countries of Europe -- the most peaceful geographical region in the world -- Turkey, ranked 135 overall, is the lowest.
The Cisco Partner Summit Geographical Region award recognises exemplary partners who demonstrate best-in-class business practices and serve as a model to the industry within their respective region.
In the second lot there are approximately 8 500 units within the geographical region of central and south Birmingham which generates an order of 30 000 repairs orders and 550 voids p
Castellum owns and manages properties through one common brand in five geographical regions of Sweden, with strong local presence.
Scientists at the University of the West Indies developed a global coconut water beverage product tailored to accommodate the diverse mineral and taste profiles of natural coconut water from different geographical regions.
The richness of world mythology is amply reflected in this well-organized reference, which is divided into geographical regions.
The company is now testing a direct sales program featuring full-page print advertisement inserts within Sunday newspapers in key geographical regions.
PIMA offered industry professionals the chance to share various points of view and experiences from different geographical regions and various corporate cultures, physical facilities and product lines.
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