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The data produced can then be subdivided to produce a matrix of geographical and customer reports, measuring efficiencies at any geographical point for any customer.
The CCCC have chosen Pairc Tailteann for the final and while tensions could still be running high after a tumultuous few days for Paul Caffrey's men, the venue makes sense from a geographical point of view.
PETE DOHERTY (below) - WE'RE stretching a geographical point here, because he was born up north during his dad's military travels, but he remains the most famous old boy of Bedworth's Nicholas Chamberlaine Comp.
2, information of vibration, position and velocity related to the same second, are associated with a single geographical point.
It is perhaps not the single most pivotal geographical point of the plot, but Warwickshire is and five of the principal conspirators had connections to the house and it was here that news of the failure first arrived,' he told The Birmingham Post: 'Warwickshire was full of inter-bred, inter-connected disaffected Catholic families and Coughton is where the most socially distinguished plotter, Digby, was living.
The peak standing at just over 29,000ft is not merely a geographical point, it is not simply a mountain straddling Nepal and Tibet - it has a spiritual dimension, too.
They are warriors without a state or, in this case, even a clear-cut geographical point of concentration.
But he establishes an important geographical point overlooked by those who emphasize the power of England's landlords: the eastern counties, and specifically those of East Anglia which were dominated by smallholders, had a more active market in land than those of central 'champion England'.
Ogden's racing manager Barry Simpson said: "From a geographical point of view we needed a trainer like Ian Williams to complement our other trainers who have yards in the north and south.
A record without an indication that the item is a translation of another title or that the topic mentioned in the title is discussed from a historical or geographical point of view does not offer help beyond the obvious information found in the statement of authorship and title.
The personal number isn't linked to a geographical point but to a person or a company.
From a geographical point of view, this location made sense," says Gordon Hendry, president National Tube Supply Co.
Extremely disruptive events, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, financial crises and political revolutions destabilise critical systems of supply, producing economic spillovers that reach far beyond their geographical point of origin.
The contract involves subministraciEn 3 tankers that can carry large mothership guarantees to any geographical point of the ariem large amounts of water as logistical support for the intervention of the various emergency services and civil protection area.
For example, the City is home to the Mount Davidson Cross - a 103 foot high cross set atop the highest geographical point in the city.
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