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In the park case study, police officers found that crime-specific analysis and crime templates showed that the pattern of criminal behavior was restricted to a small geographical area.
Under the LAPD's basic car plan, each division is divided up into geographical areas, to which an A-car is assigned.
Due to the different nature of waste, the Framework Agreement is split into multiple lots covering the various geographical areas and the different Materials & Waste Stream Schedules capturing different types of waste and materials from Non-special Waste & Materials to specialised waste and materials.
Currently there are 141 basic cars in the city, each assigned to patrol a specific geographical area.
Lot 1 services for brake and exhaust geographical area of Laon is 20 000 EUR excluding VAT.
Lot No 1 - geographical area east of the Department.
Saxon plans to leverage its experience in and understanding of the geographical area and geological formation, together with the operational techniques being implemented and refined on the Hudson Hills prospect, to lower operating costs and maximize ultimate recovery of reserves in Heatherwood.
Supply of piped natural gas to the Ernakulam geographical area.
A breakdown of Italian kitchen furniture exports is provided by country and geographical area.
benefits are subject to two markets separate purchase orders with no minimum and a maximum of 750 000 EUR (TTC) in the following geographical distribution Lot no1 geographical area North (Northwest Territorial Service and North East Subdivision)Lot # 2 South geographical area (territorial service Central and South and East Subdivision)
The world imports and exports of fridges and freezers are broken down by geographical area (European Union, Eastern Europe and Russia, Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Africa, North America, South America) and by developed / emerging countries.
the market is divided into geographical areas geographical area 1: Departments of Loire Atlantique (44) / Vendee (85) and Deux Sevres (79).
They are divided into 5 lots over 5 body condition and four geographical areas, each sector comprising 6 to 13 sites in a same geographical area (see List of geographical areas annexed to Ccap).
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