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The board of directors recognized this inequity and during its December board meeting made minor regional realignments with respect to a few RVPs and their geographical area of representation.
In conclusion, it is imperative that processors understand the chemical and physical characteristics of their fines material so that viable markets can be sought within the geographical area in which they operate.
The signs being put up are directing motorists to the geographical area known as Bull Ring rather than the new development itself.
Law enforcement won't go after people "willy-nilly in a certain geographical area," Bucher says.
We have heard that Case Managers may not be in the same geographical area as an audit team working on a case.
Young dancers spend four days taking intensive classes in ballet, modern dance, jazz, and other dance forms, comparing and honing their skills with their peers from an extended geographical area, and performing.
Under this exception, any research expenses incurred because of government requirements would be allocated directly to gross income arising in that particular geographical area.
Imports of woodworking machinery by country and geographical area, 2000-2005
The National Forest Policy, 1988 envisages a target of 33% of Forest and Tree Cover (FTC) of the total geographical area of the country for ensuring environmental stability.
According to Henry Feuerstein, "CCIRE is very successful at matching different parties, located in different geographical areas, to achieve the successful acquisition of properties, located in yet a third geographical area.
A general introduction to each geographical area is followed by detailed, but never didactic, accounts of the major cultural groups existing within each region.
Parren gave this reply: "Because Ebola epidemics strike unexpectedly in relatively small and isolated groups of people distributed over a vast geographical area, broad vaccination programs would most likely not outweigh the risks and costs involved .
Spatial analysis generally focuses on a small geographical area and includes physical, demographic, and crime history characteristics.
We're going to make an effort not to be unique, but we're going to be cognizant that we are a different geographical area and have different interests and needs,'' Mardesich said.
Total quantity or scope: Market consisting of 8 state bodies divided into one or more geographical lots, Namely body # 1 painting this state body is divided into 5 geographical areas (lots) corps d~tat n 2 carpentry and glazing this state body is divided into 2 geographical areas (batches) with on-call state corps 3 plumbing this state body is divided into 2 geographical areas (batches) with on-call body of state n 4 electricity this state body is divided into 2 geographical areas (batches) with on-call corps d~tat n 5 cleaning services spread over 1 geographical area (1 lot) body of state no.
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