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of or relating to the science of geography


determined by geography


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A nominee for the geographical constituency by-election must be a Chinese citizen who is a Hong Kong permanent resident with no right of abode in a foreign country.
The conference aimed to highlight the natural and human geographical elements of tourism in the GCC states, the study of relationship between tourism with Gulf geographical environment and their methods of interaction with it, the study of the optimal distribution of tourism sites and services based on natural and human tourism potentials of the GCC states, as well as the study of global, regional and local tourism and the its governing laws.
Established in 1956, the Expeditions and Geographical Fieldwork Grants are the Society's longest-standing annual grants programme.
Based on the author's PhD dissertation, this volume compares the protection of geographical indications in India with France and Europe, to understand how the legal tool can be internationalized and how this can influence these countries.
The committee's booklet, which is distributed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), was slammed by the national geographical names standardisation committee, which ruled it is illegal because next to the Greek names of some villages where the committee has restored monuments, the Turkish names given by the occupation army are printed.
Geographical Indication law and the registration of products at domestic and international level will give international recognition to the Pakistani products which have some unique attributes associated with them," he said.
The Cisco Partner Summit Geographical Region award recognises exemplary partners who demonstrate best-in-class business practices and serve as a model to the industry within their respective region.
Under the European wine rules, classification is made by the origin of wine and the geographical indication.
Saudi Arabia is pleased to host this meeting to prepare the specifications of digital geographical data," the minister said and thanked Crown Prince Salman for his support to the five-day conference.
The division is one of 23 divisions that comprise the International Group of Experts on Geographical Names.
NEHA RVPs do not represent affiliates, but rather the NEHA members within their geographical areas.
A) - Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) has said it would register "Turkish Coffee" if it would not receive any objection in six months to the application that had been made for a geographical signature to the coffee.
Among the topics are geographical origin as a complex feature of agro-food products, legal debates surrounding geographical indications, the current situation and potential development of geographical indications in Europe, public policies and geographical indications, and geographical indications in the US and developing countries.
A TEAM of injured soldiers who walked to the Geographical North Pole are to present their journey at the Royal Geographical Society in London.
With the geographical trips, natural and social qualities of the land can be observed in its own place.
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