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Geographic Area: This committee shall be responsible for the Sections, Divisions, Special Interest Groups and unassociated areas (having neither Sections, nor Sections-in-Formation, nor Divisions, nor Divisions-in-Formation, nor Special Interest Groups) within the geographic area defined in Policy 026--SPE Europe Geographic Area.
Geographic Area Served: Northwest Indiana; Gary and surrounding communities
The 14 LHINs in the province will have the power to plan, integrate and fund local health services--including hospitals, Community Care Access Centres, Community Health Centres, as well as home care, long-term care, mental health, addiction and community support services--for their specific geographic areas and the commitment to the principles of the Canada Health Act and the Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act, 2004.
But while the geographic area covered by each cylinder remained the same, the specific days changed.
Another issue related to the proposed ACS is how the Census Bureau might provide more timely and reliable small geographic area data.
To simply conclude that every contractor working within a broad geographic area faces the same risk to personnel is absurd.
The report presents data on available retail space by geographic area and focuses on the ground floor space of major retail streets.
Once an ad is placed online, Dentalworkers matches the geographic area and job description to candidates.
If the cost of living in your geographic area is exactly the same as the national average, your GPCI is 1.
M+COs must provide coverage of all services covered by Parts A and B of fee-for-service Medicare that are available to beneficiaries residing in the geographic area of the M+CO and all Part A and Part B services obtained outside the geographic area if it is common practice to refer patients outside that geographic area.
Many small suppliers do business in their geographic area.
And whether competition would be diminished depends crucially on the definition of the financial services and geographic area that constitute the "banking market.
19 Digital Camera - Shipments Split by Geographic Area
The 2012 Economic Census concludes the Geographic Area Series for the professional, scientific and technical services sector.
Geographic Area Served: Lafayette and a 14-county area