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Synonyms for geographic

of or relating to the science of geography


determined by geography



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In an Q & Afeatured on the official website, Gary Knell responded to the impending acquisition by Disney of 21st Century Fox which owns National Geographic and what changes he expected if the sale goes through.
Thus, ENM represents a powerful tool for characterizing ecologic and geographic distributions of species across real-world landscapes.
With partner Calabash, National Geographic World Music makes thousands of tracks available for discovery, as well as for purchase at 99 cents per MP3 download.
Because of these reasons, I spent a few years testing different server side technologies to build a system that will not only allow our library to organize and manage digital maps and geospatial data with easy workflows but will also allow users to search, browse, view, and download different formats of geographic information.
Because measurements of environmental contaminants are expensive, few geographic monitoring locations are normally used.
Although his primary love is geography, he finds that to excel at the National Geographic Bee, he had to study a variety of other subjects.
When: 7 (on NBC) and 8 (on National Geographic Channel) tonight.
With GDT's state-of-the-art technology, we're able to provide our users with highly-accurate assignment of census and other geographic data at both the address- and street-level.
Founded in 1980, GDT was a pioneer in the development of cartographic data for business use and continues to provide complete, current and comprehensive geographic data and services to the business marketplace.
Problems with specific aspects of disaggregated disclosures, such as industry and geographic segments, are discussed, as are proposed solutions.
The history lesson derived from the past decade of experiences with the Medicare prospective payment system reveals that the definition of special geographic areas for the purposes of reimbursement results in a gerrymandered, patchwork approach in the health care payment system.
Typically this involves specifying both the variety of products (product market) and the geographic extent (geographic market) over which the firms compete.
National Geographic Entertainment, a division of National Geographic Global Media, will, in association with Imagenation Abu Dhabi, develop, produce, finance and acquire films that focus on people's relationship to the world, their environment and each other.
Since the discovery of this pathogen, 4 subspecies have been identified that exhibit distinct virulence and biochemical profiles as well as characteristic geographic distributions (4).
He received a $25,000 college scholarship and a lifetime subscription to National Geographic magazine.