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Batlimous, a Greek geographer, topographer, mathematician and writer (2nd century AD), in his book named 'the World Maps' which includes 27 maps of the different parts of the world, has named the Persian Gulf as Persicous Sinous which means the Persian Sea.
With that in mind, and recognising the importance of the next generation of geographers, Bangor University held a 6th form Geography conference recently.
Geographers say the disappearing ice is "one of the most striking" changes in the history of the National Geographic Atlas of the World.
On 20 March, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Makedonika litera publishing house promoted the Macedonian translation of the volume Macedonia--A Region and a Culture of Living by German geographer Leonhard Schultze Jena (1872-1955).
This collection of a dozen essays is instigated by the work of political geographer Kevin Cox.
But it isn't actually the busiest region for tornadoes, says geographer Michael Frates.
A founder member of the New Zealand Geographical Society, in 1945 he established the journal The New Zealand Geographer for which he would remain editor for a decade.
An Ottoman-Turkish geographer and cartographer born between 1465 and 1470 in Gelibolu, west of Turkey, Piri Reis is primarily known today for his maps and charts collected in his Kitab- Bahriye (Book of Navigation), a book which contains detailed information on navigation as well as extremely accurate charts describing the important ports and cities of the Mediterranean Sea.
and a former Army officer) and Palka (geography, US Military Academy at West Point) present 23 contributed chapters that explore contemporary and historical military subjects from the perspective of the military geographer.
Sergio Prim, the novel's narrator and protagonist, is a geographer by trade with a broken radar when it comes to navigating human relationships.
But by 2005 more than 1 million square kilometers of those forests had disappeared, geographer Matthew Hansen of South Dakota State University in Brookings and his colleagues report online April 26 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
A geographer by training, Patrick McGreevy came to AUB from Clarion University in Clarion, Pennsylvania, where he had been chair of the Department of Anthropology, Geography and Earth Science since 1991; while at Clarion, he also served as Fulbright Chair of American Studies in Hungary in 1999-2000.
Geographer and BBC journalist Nicolas Crane hosted the awards.
Robert Lang, who teaches geography at King Edward VI Five Ways School in Scotland Lane, Bartley Green, has been awarded Chartered Geographer (Teacher) status by the Royal Geographical Society.