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a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver

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First, the transitions from Earth-centred Cartesian coordinates into geodetic coordinates is computationally expensive.
GRS] is the radius of the GRS-80 reference ellipsoid at the latitude of the computation point and H is the height of the computation point reckoned from the mean sea level) and [OMEGA] denotes a pair of geodetic coordinates (latitude 9 and longitude [lambda]).
The triangulation result are shown that average error of measured points in the geodetic coordinates are [E.
According to Nones, FlexNet translates site-specific x,y coordinates into geodetic coordinates that allow the location of resources to be determined both within a facility as well as on a global basis.
Ground and wall signs contained geodetic geopotencialiniu altitudes (leveling), the geodetic coordinates and ellipsoidal heights setting (GPNS measurements) and the acceleration of gravity determination (gravimetric measurements) Lithuanian South, East, North, West and Central regions of the territory of the Republic of Lithuania quasigeoid model Revision and the territory of the Republic of Lithuania vertical network of geodetic vertical motion model of
Connecting always both daily solutions together for one year, the geodetic coordinates of individual site for that year and their standard deviations [[sigma].
On the basis of measurements the following parameters were calculated: the geodetic coordinates and their mean errors after being compensated in the Euref'89 system, horizontal coordinates in the national system 2000 as well as distances between stations on profiles and mean errors of their determining.
The geodetic coordinates B,L,h were determined with high accuracy on the network benchmarks (Goral and Zdunek, 1998).