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of or relating to or determined by geodesy

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For control purposes, for the purposes of connecting the 3D model to the scale as well as defining the accuracy of the created model, it is necessary to survey the control side measurements with a survey tape, in case of higher accuracy requirements, it is convenient to choose ground control points and survey and evaluate these by the standard geodetic method.
An example of an early form of geodetic structure is that of John Humphreys in 1794, which involved the installation of 'diagonal riders' in frigates of the US Navy to prevent 'hogging' of the hull.
This geometric model of polar observations is suitable for the geodetic horizontal coordinate system (when the z axis coincides with normal direction to ellipsoid).
Davidson's achievements and those of the coastal navigation surveyors who followed provide the geodetic framework for today's geopositioning.
The field testing [1] of accuracy of vertical angle measurement of geodetic instrument is arranged by geometric angle consisting from horizontal and vertical lines previously measured with high accuracy.
0 programming language and several open source components for tables management, reporting and for geodetic network graphical representation.
Einstein's theory predicts that such gyroscopes will undergo geodetic precession merely because space-time is curved in the planet's vicinity.
This was the first geoid determination in Australia and the techniques were extensively used over later years in mapping the geoid over the continent and determining the geodetic datum of best fit.
The new company will focus on geodetic instruments and systems.
The ANT-3001BR is a high-performance geodetic choke ring antenna for use in reference station applications.
Contract notice: Framework agreement geodetic surveying (1).
Under the modifications, Minister Spasov explained, the geodetic surveys required in the legalization procedure will hereafter be made by the Agency.
UNAVCO, a non-profit, university-governed consortium, has chosen Front Range Internet, Inc (FRII) to provide colocation services to support its Geodetic Data Services Program on a global basis.
Originally, this part of the Pecny geodetic observatory was used to observe artificial Earth satellites; since 2000, the base Skalka has been used to test the functionality of GNSS apparatus.
In one of what seems to be a set of six textbooks, scholars mostly from Eastern Europe discuss methods and algorithms, of navigation, collision avoidance, geodetic problems in navigational applications, route planning in marine navigation, and aviation and air navigation.