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the branch of geology that studies the shape of the earth and the determination of the exact position of geographical points

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One of the leaders in this research was Helmut Schmid, a geodesist and photogrammetrist, who had been a part of Wernher von Braun's V-2 staff at Peenemunde (Schmid 1959).
Many other prominent cartographers, geodesists, geographers and photogrammetrists made their impact in the practical and theoretical developments during this period, including Arthur Robinson (Chief of the Map Division in the Office of Strategic Services in WW II and later professor at the University of Wisconsin and author of Elements of Cartography) and Frederick J.
Geodesists produce the coordinates with Program for the Adjustment of GPS Ephemerides (PAGES) software that uses the method of "double differences" to remove clock errors in the GPS satellites and the ground stations.
Brigadier Bomford, the British Army's noted geodesist, went on to be head of survey for General Slim's 14th Army in Burma before later teaching geodesy at Oxford University.
Upon the recommendation of this Society Dr Ian Glass has been awarded a McIntyre Award for his publication, Nicolas-Louis de La Caille Astronomer and Geodesist, which meets the criteria for academic standard, originality and literary presentation.
It is stated by Chief geodesist Graeme Blick that the strategy makes sure the Geodetic Office works to support changing developments in satellite-based positioning technology and new ways of using location information.
Venice appears to be continuing to subside, at a rate of about 2 millimeters a year," said Yehuda Bock, a research geodesist with Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, in La Jolla, Calif.
Nicolas-Louis de La Caille, Astronomer and Geodesist, Oxford University Press.
The recommendations of the TsNIIGAiK's expeditions were approved by the Institute's Scientific Council, which included such prominent Soviet geographers, cartographers, and geodesists as Professor Y.
In the last few years, geodesists, using a technique called Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), have been able to detect these motions directly by comparing the arrival times of quasar radio signals on opposite sides of plate boundaries (SN: 12/21 & 29/85, p.
Geodetic Reference System 1980, Bulletin Geodesique, the Geodesists Handbook.
Today, although the majority continue to come from the United States, ACSM's members include thousands of surveyors, cartographers, geodesists, and other spatial data information professionals working in both public and private sectors throughout the world, www.
Nevertheless, this seminar laid a firm basis to the contemporary professional networking between Baltic and Swiss geodesists.
With the advance of observation precision, the causes of Earth orientation changes are progressively being identified by geodesists and geophysicists.