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of or relating to or determined by geodesy

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g]) be null geodesically complete space-time which obeys the null energy condition, [bar.
g]) be null geodesically complete GRW space-time which obeys the null energy condition, [bar.
4 A symp of G or A is a maximal geodesically closed subspace which is isomorphic to a non-degenerate polar space.
A function f: R [right arrow] R is called geodesically convex iff
With Corpo, the fibers are geodesically wound over the product instead of using reinforced plies.
As images, Alison Elizabeth Taylor's works tell oblique, partial stories of the American Southwest, which they cast as a place where an only ambiguously friendly terrain and local community meet cool young homesteaders who live geodesically, swim and bicycle, and keep peacocks as pets.
With this metric, S is a geodesically complete Riemannian manifold with constant curvature -1, and therefore S is a geodesic metric space.
Its combination of geodesically domed buttocks and cleanly servered things and waist suggest both a fragment of classical statuary and the harshly truncated torso of a Brancusi.