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a lightweight dome constructed of interlocking polygons

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DomesDay will feature teams of students building geodesic domes that will be judged on three criteria: aesthetics, mechanical strength and an elevator pitch.
Now, the geodesic dome is up and the initial romantic appeal of living in an RV with three kids has waned.
Silent Interfaith Meditation/Prayer Circle - Noon Friday in geodesic dome at Occupy Eugene encampment at Washington-Jefferson Park; bring chair, cushion or floor mat and warm clothing; 541-521-8658.
During his tour, he was shown the school's geodesic dome and learned about the Meserani Project, which brings together young people from Teesside and Africa.
In the early 1970s, Hansen built a multimillion-dollar company by commercializing the geodesic dome.
The museum's design, by architectural firm HOK, features a large glass entryway, skylight; and geodesic dome reminiscent of the Dali museum in Figueres, Spain.
An architectural masterpiece atop the Al Faisaliah Tower and created by legendary architect Sir Norman Foster, the geodesic dome of The Globe is truly an iconic landmark on Riyadh's skyline.
Lopi LaRoe designed a geodesic dome in which Haitian orphans could be safe from endless tons of rain and mud.
IN March 1974, The Evening Chronicle reported on one woman's geodesic dome greenhouse.
The book's 9 classroom-tested projects, including building a geodesic dome, come with student handouts, solutions, and notes for the instructor.
Built by one of the world's richest and most eccentric inventors, it seemed only fitting that the world's largest flying boat would be housed in the world's largest geodesic dome next to one of the world's largest ships.
research stations: the 1950s wooden structures already buried under the ice and barely visible in outline; a 1970s geodesic dome slowly sinking into the permafrost; and the new station still being built, this time on pylons that will help to keep it raised above the gradual buildup of ice.
Choosing a wooded, riverine area of land little used by her Maasai neighbours, and building a geodesic dome by a sacred Mugumo tree, Croze started a stained-glass studio that has, over the years, evolved into a complex of workshops.
It is the geodesic dome salvaged from Berlin's Tempelhof Airport and reassembled to create a 'think tank' for artists confronted with the problem of performing or exhibiting in the huge space of Alveole 14, the city's new international centre for contemporary art and music.