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(mathematics) the shortest line between two points on a mathematically defined surface (as a straight line on a plane or an arc of a great circle on a sphere)

of or relating to or determined by geodesy

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The subject of procurement is geodesic surveys, the current condition on unclassified roads Zagreb.
Then M is semisymmetric if and only if M is minimal submanifold (in which case M is (n - 2)-ruled), or M is a round hypercone in some totally geodesic subspace [E.
Built in 1958, the building's architects (Bailey, Bozalis, Dickinson, and Roloff) utilized Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome design.
Electrical Geodesics gains purchasing deal with Premier
In order to define the morphological tortuosity, we must start with the definition of the geodesic distance (Lantuejoul and Beucher, 1981; Serra, 1988; Soille, 2003).
The generally covariant geodesic equation--the four-dimensional equation of motion of a particle--can be projected onto the time line and the three-dimensional spatial section of an observer.
Draw the arc ADB which is the geodesic between A and B on the surface of the sphere.
The Geodesic Mission to the Equator in the early 18th century was the world's first international scientific expedition, for the purpose of making precise astronomical measurements at the Equator and finding the true shape of the earth.
Young researchers were exposed to the basic theory of the two in lectures on interval exchange maps and translation surfaces; unipotent flows and applications; quantitative nondivergence and its Diophantine applications; diagonal actions on locally homogenous spaces; and Fuchsian groups, geodesic flows on surfaces of constant negative curvature, and symbolic coding of geodesics.
Geodesic Techniques Pvt Ltd, the Bangalore-based provider of steel intensive structures, which has proposed a monorail for Bangalore under the Swiss Challenge model, has estimated the cost of building the first phase of the project at Rs 3,000 crore.
SNAPSHOT: Based in Pagosa Springs, Growing Spaces produces energy-efficient greenhouses using a passive solar geodesic design for year-round growing.
Malaysia based Scomi Int-ernational and Geodesic Techniques of Bangalore will submit a proposal to the Karn-ataka government for commi-ssioning a monorail system in the city.
The Geodesic Coordinate System is characterized as a "parameterized intermediate" coordinate system because its two coordinates, u and v, each range from 0 to 1 within the quadrilateral and must be further linearly transformed to produce the Cartesian coordinates x and y of a planar map.