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(mineralogy) a hollow rock or nodule with the cavity usually lined with crystals

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As announced on February 17, 2015, Geode is the first step towards open sourcing certain core components of Pivotal's Big Data Suite.
Integration: new connectors have been introduced for seamless integration between Sage Geode and Sage ERP X3
In Lunari, Geode and Young Chic Hafner presents jewels boasting bright coloured stones with gold of various hues such as white, rose and even black gold displaying an adventurous spirit," said managing director, Damas Jewellery, Tawhid Abdullah.
Offering the industry's highest performance per watt, the AMD Geode LX processor provides increased memory bandwidth through a DDR interface and enhanced I/O throughput with USB2.
While most geodes are no bigger than your fist, Garcia-Guinea's crystal hideout can fit you and a handful of friends comfortably.
National Semiconductor first introduced its Geode WebPAD technology concept at Fall COMDEX '98.
It's great to bring the physical and virtual worlds together for mPayments through the Geode," stated Erik Ross, CSO, iCache Inc.
The Lake Geode Challenge is hosted by Team BEAST (Burlington Endurance Athlete Sports Team), a triathlon/endurance sports training club.
I like Geode Communicator," says William McMaster, Business Owner in PEI Canada, "I can keep my friends and coworkers in the loop with just a few clicks.
AMD (NYSE:AMD) has announced the availability of two AMD Geode processor-based development boards designed to help simplify the design and development of x86 embedded and industrial computing devices.
California-based National Semiconductor Corp has introduced the National Geode Origami Mobile Communicator, its new prototype of a handheld device that integrates both Internet and multimedia functions.
The Geode is an iPhone app-cessory able to digitally store and consolidate all credit, loyalty, gift and membership cards into one simple application that is ultra-secure.
BOSTON, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Geode Capital Management, LLC ("Geode") manager of quantitative strategies for institutional clients, today named Patrick S.
AMD (NYSE:AMD) has announced the availability of the AMD Geode GX SOM-144 Reference Design Kit (RDK), a low-power, high-performance System-On-Module designed to speed development and functionality of the next generation of industrial computing products, such as embedded controllers, point-of-sale terminals, information appliances and kiosks.
iCache Inc entered for emerging innovation in the Mobile Applications space; specific to the Mobile Commerce, Shopping and Rewards category for it's implementation of the Geode, a secure digital wallet.