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(mineralogy) a hollow rock or nodule with the cavity usually lined with crystals

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Unfortunately, you are not likely to find a geode in your back yard, but you can make your own
In recommending a new approach to DSO tariff structures, the GEODE paper elaborates on a new power-based tariff structure that would better suit DSO requirements.
According to the company, the Geode Complex Inorganic Pigments are heat stable, lightfast and chemical and weather resistant pigments used in a variety of exterior building applications, including PVC siding, PVC window profiles, PVC decking and fencing, coil coatings, metal roofs and metal sidewalls.
5, though early successes with the program are encouraging GEODE staff to consider hosting additional sessions throughout the year.
In Lunari, Geode and Young Chic Hafner presents jewels boasting bright coloured stones with gold of various hues such as white, rose and even black gold displaying an adventurous spirit," said managing director, Damas Jewellery, Tawhid Abdullah.
Offering the industry's highest performance per watt, the AMD Geode LX processor provides increased memory bandwidth through a DDR interface and enhanced I/O throughput with USB2.
Geologists think the gigantic geode was formed 6 million years ago, when mineral-saturated water flowed through a rock hole.
Weighing less than three pounds, National's Geode WebPAD reference platform is optimized for Internet browsing.
The Geode system features an app and an iPhone case with a fingerprint scanner, e-ink display and patented rewriteable GeoCard.
Spirit Geode Trees will be one of the featured products when the website is launched.
AMD has announced its AMD Geode GX Single Board Computer Reference Design Kit (AMD Geode GX SBC RDK), an adaptable design that addresses embedded devices such as network appliances, kiosks, point-of-sale terminals and corporate clients.
Co-ordinator Martha Cunningham-Closs says the formation of GEODE resulted as a solution to assist people who suffered financial hard-ship from an Inco strike about 10 years ago.
AMD (NYSE:AMD) has announced the availability of two AMD Geode processor-based development boards designed to help simplify the design and development of x86 embedded and industrial computing devices.
Wyse Technology, a server-centric computing (SCC) company, is to provide the AMD Geode GX 533@1.
California-based National Semiconductor Corp has introduced the National Geode Origami Mobile Communicator, its new prototype of a handheld device that integrates both Internet and multimedia functions.