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the chemistry of the earth's crust

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2] in the atmosphere by stirring up carbon, but it was hardly the sole cause, said Sandra Kirtland Turner, a geochemist at the University of California, Riverside.
To "de-gas" the lake, "we use a gas-lift process," says geochemist William Evans at the U.
Leggette was a geochemist who had worked several years as a nighttime forklift operator, police and neighbors said.
In her book, Your Life In Your Hands, published yesterday, Prof Plant, a respected geochemist, says dairy products are linked to breast and prostate cancer, and that cutting them out of her diet cured her of the disease.
Chet Pohle, Consulting Geochemist for Monarch states that this project offers the opportunity for the discovery of multiple pools of oil using modern 3-D seismic data, which lowers the exploration risk.
It's giving us a lot of new insights into how the planets formed," says geochemist David Rubie of the University of Bayreuth in Germany, whose team reports the discovery in the Sept.
The Arctic Ocean must have been flushed at approximately the same rate it is today regardless of how different things were at the surface," said study co-author Jerry McManus, a geochemist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
The Saudi government is funding research projects headed by WHOI scientists--physical oceanographer Amy Bower, biologist Simon Thorrold, geochemist Konrad Hughen, and Andy Solow, director of the WHOI Marine Policy Center.
Stew Hamilton, a geochemist with the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS), has been hitting the lecture circuit lately, talking with Canadian government officials, Ontario prospectors and especially oil and gas developers to convince them to cast their eyes upon Northern Ontario.
William Orem, a USGS geochemist from Reston, Virginia, has been studying Balkan endemic nephropathy (BEN), which occurs in certain areas in the Balkans.
As Japanese geochemist Sadao Matsuo has said, "Volcanic gas is a telegram from Earth's interior.
Christensen spent three years as Assistant Professor of Geology at the University of North Dakota and three years as Research Geochemist with the Earth Science Laboratory: University of Utah Research Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah involved with geothermal resource exploration.
2] emissions," says study coauthor Juerg Matter, a geochemist at the University of Southampton in England.
Study's first author Gleb Pokrovski, an experimental geochemist at GAeosciences Environnement Toulouse in France, and colleagues did not sample this deep sulphur directly, reports Nature.
Until now, scientists investigating the latter theory have been stymied by an inability to measure--when, where, and how much--dust falls into the oceans, said Ed Sholkovitz, a marine geochemist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.