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having the earth as the center


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There are simply massive opportunities with our geocentric location.
Let the spherical coordinates for an exterior field-point be (r, [phi], [lambda]), where r is the geocentric radial distance, [phi] is the azimuthal angle, and [lambda] is the geocentric latitude.
He is greater than a small, young, geocentric universe.
Of special note is the seminal article 'Culture and Cognitive Development: The Development of Geocentric Language and Cognition' by Ramesh C.
Meanwhile, astronomers were destroying the geocentric model of the universe, geologists would soon be showing that the earth was vastly older than biblical chronology allows, and biologists would undermine the account of the origin of living species in Genesis 1.
Detailed knowledge of local geoid surface recently has become increasingly important in order to fully use the potential of accurate geocentric positions, provided by GNSS.
What is unusual about this text is that it describes a geocentric or earth-centred model of the universe in 1700s Timbuktu 300 years after the Copernican revolution, which placed the sun at the centre of our solar system.
This Monster of the Heavens, he says, may provide the long - awaited chance to emend and correct the old geocentric theory with that of "divinely inspired Copernicus -- him of more than human ingenuity.
The film is subdivided into chapters, geocentric circles around Tueni's political philosophy -- starting with "The Trees" on his property, the house, the objects within the house, the memories (featuring his long-term servant), Nadia Tueni, followed by his other immediate family members and spaces, concluding with "The Country.
If this is the case, then the spirals of light in the sky is fuel spewing out from the missile as it burns in a fierce cartwheel through the sky, creating the startling geocentric shapes.
This in turn enabled him to calculate the masses of the sun and the planets from orbits about them, and further, it led to the decisive resolution of the problem of deciding between the empirical equivalence of the heliocentric and geocentric world systems.
In the Baltic region, the territory being examined, we chose 1252, 1304, 1357, 1409, 1461, 1513, 1565, 1617 GPS data decisions (from the year 2004 to 2011) of geocentric coordinates (X, Y, Z) of the GPS stations BOR1, HELG, LAMA, MAR6, METS, OSLS, POTS, RIGA, SASS, SULD, VIS0, and VLNS (Fig.
This can only help augment volumes at Dubai's airports which benefit from a growing network and a geocentric location that allow them to tap into these global trade flows.
That combined with Dubai's geocentric location that effectively reduces flying time and the number of required connecting flights limits associated emissions.