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We concluded that market purchased shellfish should never be eaten raw or undercooked because many species of the genus Vibrio, which naturally live on and in shellfish throughout their life cycle, are known to be pathogenic to humans.
Finally, one isolate was identified as a member of the genus Vibrio, with 96% identity to Vibrio anguillarum.
Among these are bacteria of the genus Vibrio, a particularly hazardous variety.
2) constructed using the 16S rDNA sequences of strains VI and V2 and their closely related species showed their positions in the genus Vibrio, and allocated them to the V.
The API 20E system is indeed considered an acceptable method for the identification of the more commonly-occurring members of the family Vibrionaceae (17,18), even if there are very few reports expressly concerned with the ability of commercial systems to identify members of the genus Vibrio (19).
His research interests include the ecology and evolution of marine bacteria, especially those of the genus Vibrio.
The antimicrobial resistance was determined, by the agar diffusion disk method for twelve antimicrobials and for the vibriostatic agent, for members of the genus Vibrio, isolated from wild silver mullets (Mugil curema) and from feral and cultured penaeid shrimp (Litopenaeus schmitti, L.
Phylogenetic analyses based on these sequences using neighbor joining confirmed their taxonomic position in the genus Vibrio, and allocated VP1 to the V.
The taxonomic importance of the vibriostatic agent O/129 lies in its ability to differentiate species of the genus Vibrio from other gram-negative oxidase-positive bacilli, Aeromonas, in particular.
Infections caused by Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a halophilic member of the genus Vibrio, have increased globally in the last 5 years.
Disease outbreaks caused by pathogenic bacteria, commonly of the genus Vibrio (Estes et al.
Interestingly, we identified several species of the genus Vibrio that were likely contributing to or were the overt cause of BRD; only a few isolates of V.