genus Trifolium

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any leguminous plant having leaves divided into three leaflets

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1984-- The genus Trifolium -- The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
The genus Trifolium comprises 225 to 250 species (Zohary and Heller, 1984; Cleveland, 1985; and USDA/ NPGS, 1995).
Classification of the major and minor cultivated species in the genus Trifolium.
Development of RAPD markers of potential taxonomic use in the genus Trifolium.
In their complete taxonomic treatment, The Genus Trifolium, Zohary and Heller (1984) assigned the six Trifolium spp.
Interspecific hybridizations in the genus Trifolium generally have been successful only between closely related species (Taylor and Quesenberry, 1996), thus, it is also unlikely that any of these species will cross with such cultivated species as red, crimson, berseem, or arrowleaf clover.