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Although numerous species of the genus Tanacetum are widely known for their pharmacological properties, there have been no reports on chemical composition of essential oil of Tanacetum lingulatum found in Iran.
Plants belonging to the genus Tanacetum are reputed to have excellent medicinal value, and several sesquiterpenoids and sesquiterpene lactones, which are typical constituents of these plants, have been isolated from Tanacetum species (Tiuman et al.
Chemical characterization and biological activities of the genus Tanacetum (Compositae).
The genus Tanacetum belongs to the Asteraceae family and its taxonomy has been reviewed some years ago.
It is maybe that the observed analgesic effect of the plant extracts is due to its flavonoid contents because some studies have reported the sesquiterpene lactone and flavonoid contents of genus Tanacetum have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties [3].