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Modern shrews of the genus Sorex are most abundant and diverse in mesic habitats, but do occur in drier situations (Getz 1961; Wrigley et al.
Systematics, historical biogeography, and evolution of the genus Sorex.
A new primer set for sex identification in the genus Sorex (Soricidae, Insectivora).
Numbers of transition/transversion and silent/replacement differences among eight chromosomal races or species of the genus Sorex.
Some researchers reported that most female shrews of the genus Sorex produced one litter, rarely two, during the breeding season (Clothier, 1955; Rudd, 1955; Johnston and Rudd, 1957), whereas others reported postpartum pregnancies in 12-50% of females examined and speculated that some individuals may have produced three litters (Jameson, 1955; Gashwiler, 1976).