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Out of 98 root tips isolated from genus Salix 54 were found ectomycorrhizal; and 28 were found in association with S.
Molecular phylogeny of the genus Salix (Salicaceae) with an emphasize to its species in Iran.
In an earlier study (1998) I was able to show that 15 foliar characters submitted to different uni- and multivariate analyses enabled the discrimination of both extant and fossil species of the genus Salix even though all of these species have very similar leaf-blade forms.
The genus Salix therefore illustrates a frequent tertiary paleobotanical problem due to its resemblance to Lauraceae: quantification of the respective parts of temperate and tropical species in Cenozoic flora, and the paleoecological consequences.
Subspecific determinations within the genus Salix are nonsense because this genus constantly evolves with hybrids in different generations.