genus Rhizopus

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a genus of rot-causing fungi having columnar hemispherical aerial sporangia anchored to the substrate by rhizoids

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81% of isolates in public parks soil samples was related to the genus Rhizopus which followed by Rhizomucor with frequency rate of 28.
Members of the genus Rhizopus are the most common isolates recovered from clinical samples of mucormycosis and members of the genus Mucor are second to Rhizopus in terms of frequency (13).
In our study Rhizopus arrhizus (oryzae), Rhizomucor pusilus, Absidia corymbifera, and Cunninghmlla bertholletiae were isolated from soil samples of public parks and municipality districts and the genus Rhizopus was the most frequent isolate (Table 2 and 3).
In our study, the genus Rhizopus with frequency rate of 51.
Genus Rhizopus produces pale to brownish cottony colonies.