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1995--Foliar trichomes of the evergreen and semi-deciduous species of the genus Quercus (Fagaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula.
In Mexico, the three sections of genus Quercus subgenus Quercus are well-represented (Nixon, 1993).
Analyses using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were performed on mature leaves of 27 taxa of the genus Quercus sampled in 11 states of Mexico (Table 1).
These patterns indicate that parallel losses and acquisitions of trichome types have occurred among the individual species and species groups in the genus Quercus (Hardin, 1979b).
The latter value was largely determined by the genus Quercus which comprised nearly half of the species in the subclass and where nearly all species are thought to hybridize.
1994) tested these hypotheses with the genus Quercus, using long-term data sets.
For example, a study of reproductive ecology of the genus Quercus in a temperate forest did not support the pollination efficiency hypothesis (Sork 1993).
The genus Quercus is the source of what is called true oaks.
All species of Disholcaspis induce detachable stem galls on white oaks (section Quercus of the genus Quercus L.
The study of the leaf architecture of ten species of the genus Quercus was made.
Since Darwin (1859), the genus Quercus has attracted the attention of evolutionists for its very poor development of reproductive barriers between species (Grant 1981; Rushton 1993).
Analogous results obtained by Whittemore and Schaal (1991) for American white oaks suggest that extensive introgression is common within the genus Quercus.
Silky oak is often written in quotation marks because the tree is not considered a true oak of the genus Quercus.