genus Pteropus

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a genus of Megachiroptera

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The oldest ancestors of the genus Pteropus to bediscovered appear in the fossil record almost exactly as they are today, the only notable differences being early flight adaptations such as a tail for stabilizing.
Therefore, the presence of ejecta pellets served as an indicator of fruit use by genus Pteropus with partial discriminating capabilities between P.
In conclusion, flying foxes of the genus Pteropus in oceanic-island environments do not follow the same feeding strategies as do Neotropical fruit-eating bats and Paleotropical African pteropodids as suggested by Fleming (1982, 1986).
Flying foxes, genus Pteropus, in the Samoan islands: Interactions with forest communities.
The presumed wildlife reservoir of Nipah virus, bats of the genus Pteropus, is widely distributed across Bangladesh, the rest of the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia (18).
Finally, because the geographic range of this highly lethal pathogen may correspond to the distribution of the genus Pteropus, including parts of China and Australia, most of the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia (12,30), factors that promote transmission from bats to humans need to be defined and the role of person-to-person transmission needs to be better characterized.
The main reservoir for NiV is believed to be fruit bats of the genus Pteropus.
A second strain has been shown to infect the four species of Megachiroptera in the genus Pteropus that occur in mainland Australia (1,3).
5%), and another bat that tested positive was an unidentified member of the genus Pteropus (12.
To further investigate the distribution of this new group of viruses, we investigated the prevalence of virus antibodies in other members of the genus Pteropus in Cambodia.
Several species of the genus Pteropus show serologic evidence of Nipah or HeV infection.