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Reorganization of the genus Psychotria and tribe Psychotrieae (Rubiaceae) inferred from ITS and rbcL sequence data.
The Genus Psychotria (Rubiaceae) in the Philippine Archipelago.
To examine the relationships between phenotypic plasticity and adaptation to the light gradient, we studied 16 species of the genus Psychotria occurring on Barro Colorado Island (BCI), Panama.
Seeds of 16 tropical rainforest shrub species belonging to the genus Psychotria (Rubiaceae) were planted in 50-L pots containing a 50:50 mixture of forest topsoil and river sand.
that pollen morphological analyses should form an integrated part of every future systematic investigation of the genus Psychotria s.
We conducted a two-year study of the effects of seed mass on seedling emergence, speed of emergence, and the probability of seed removal by animals in seven closely related, ecologically similar, and sympatric lowland rain forest woody species in the genus Psychotria (Rubiaceae).