genus Polypodium

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a genus of ferns belonging to the family Polypodiaceae and having rounded naked sori

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Christensen (1938) redefined the genus Polypodium, excluding hundreds of species treated in it by earlier authors.
In the genus Polypodium, rhizomes are short to long creeping, the rhizome scales are peltate or pseudopeltate rarely basifixed and clathrate or opaque with a broad central band.
Even with a long history of vasculature research, our knowledge of the vascular system of the rhizome of the genus Polypodium is meager, and, to date the only detailed description of the vasculature of the rhizome of Polypodium vulgare was provided by Srivastava and Khare (2005).
rbcL sequences provide phylogenetic insights among sister species of the fern genus Polypodium.