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The isolation of BCNV from California mice is the first unequivocal evidence that a Tacaribe complex virus occurs in California and that the virus family Arenaviridae is naturally associated with the rodent genus Peromyscus.
Of 1,234 rodents (from 13 species) captured each month from May through December 1995, only mice in the genus Peromyscus were seropositive.
Common murid rodents captured included white-throated wood rat (Neotoma albigula) (10%) and four species in the genus Peromyscus (27%).
All members of the genus Peromyscus apparently breed whenever environmental conditions are suitable for the successful rearing of young (Millar 1989).
Mice of the genus Peromyscus in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas.
Revision of the mice of the American genus Peromyscus.
Comparative reproduction and development in two species of mice in the genus Peromyscus.