genus Penicillium

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genus of fungi commonly growing as green or blue molds on decaying food

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1969) and Penicillium chermesinum (Agurell, 1964) and many other species of genus Penicillium reported by Moussa (2003).
Clarification of species concepts in the genus Penicillium is supported mainly by morphological characteristics.
On the other hand the rest of the species were isolated once from different samples amongst the genus Penicillium.
Peterson and colleagues of 40 new species of the pharmacologically and industrially important genus Penicillium from isolates maintained in the ARS Culture Collection.
Fungal species composition has shown a variation only on Tillandsia schiedeana plants: fungi belonging to the genera Acremonium, Mucor and Nigrospora have been shown to be more sensitive than the genus Penicillium, which was found also on polluted leaves of Tillandsia caput-medusae.
Of all the fungi of the genus Penicillium found in bottom sediments, only P.
Fungi of the genus Penicillium, for example, are responsible for the distinctive texture and aroma of Roquefort and Camembert cheeses, Yet others are natural sources of vitamins.
Certain fungi of the genus Penicillium manufacture and secrete a group of compounds known as penicillins, which inhibit the growth of' bacterial competitors.
Effect of heavy metals on the individual development of two fungi from the genus Penicillium.
Candia albicans fungi species and genus Penicillium species were most frequently isolated from SAS Super 100 sampler, and Penicillium species from the AIR IDEAL sampler.
While isolating and examining the fungi Thiers had collected, Wicklow found that 91 strains fit into the genus Penicillium.
There are many species of genus Penicillium who have been involved in the production of ergot alkaloids e.