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type genus of the family Patellidae: common European limpets

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Most of the marine molluscs in this collection are associated with rocky substrates, once more due to the predominance of the genus Patella.
Thus, a size analysis was performed on the specimens of the genus Patella and its species 17.
There is a predominance of species associated with the mediolittoral zone, particularly the genus Patella, the group most represented in the collection.
In short, as regards the strategies used for the gathering, the most significant data relates to the exploitation of rocky substrates, as the genus Patella may have constituted a daily complement to the community's diet.
The biometric analysis of the genus Patella shows that adult molluscs were selected.
Given the predominance of the genus Patella in the collection, it is important to check for marks of extraction.
In addition to the marks identified on the genus Patella, possible extraction marks were also found on three samples of the species Siphonaria pectinata, with identical characteristics.
The genus Patella predominated in Squares A3, A4, A6, A7 and A8, while species such as Stramonita haemastama, Mytilus edulis, Pecten maximus, Laevicardium crassum, Acanthocardia sp.
Within the species of the genus Patella -93,81% of the quantified MNI--, the species Patella intermedia and Patella ulyssiponensis predominate, and the species Patella rustica and Patella vulgata are merely residual.
When the degree of fragmentation of different species is analysed--comparing the data from the genus Patella with that of the species Mytilus edulis and Pecten maximus--, it was found that the artificial level 100-120 cm yielded higher values.
As regards gathering techniques, molluscs attached to the substrate would have been extracted using a sharp instrument, as proved by the extraction marks identified on examples of the genus Patella.
Analyses were also done of the marks caused by transformation and/or use, and it was found that shells of the genus Patella seem to have been reused, as some examples were perforated.