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The genus Passiflora also has great importance in the agricultural sector due to its high productivity, acceptance in the world market and diversified use in the cosmetics industry.
The changes caused by the anthropic action have promoted the genetic erosion of the genus Passiflora as a consequence of the expansion of the agricultural frontier mainly in mid-northern Brazil (FERREIRA, 2005).
Since cytokinesis in the genus Passiflora is of the simultaneous type, that is, it occurs at the end of Telophase II, chromosome stickiness verified during the meiosis phases that precede cytoplasm cleavage may have caused failure in the cytokinesis process, forming triads, dyads and monads (Figure 3B-F).
Since gamete fertility depends on meiotic normality, the fertility of the male gametes of species of genus Passiflora is an important factor.
2002) suggested the f-AFLP technique to confirm the large genetic variability within the genus Passiflora, as well as, for a possible taxonomic reevaluation.
Despite the existence of data related to pollen viability for the genus Passiflora, this viability is still restricted for few species of economic interest, i.
Currently, nearly 400 species of the genus Passiflora are known, most of which has its origin in the Tropical America, with 120 of them being native from Brazil (Bernacci et al.
Moreover, on the occasion of the effective publication of the genus Passiflora (Linnaeus, 1753), mentions of references and illustrations, which corresponded to P.