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Our cytogenetic data lend support to a recent proposal to reorganize the subfamily Ostreinae, specifically in what concerns the genus Ostrea and the genus Ostreola.
The diploid chromosome number of 2n = 20 is characteristic of the genus Ostrea and is the most common throughout the Ostreacea (for a review, see Thirot-Quievreux (2002)).
For the Ostrea lurida assay, bivalves outside the genus Ostrea were highly divergent from O.
Along with all other living oysters this species was first placed in the genus Ostrea by Lamy (1929 1930, cited from Zhou & Allen 2003) as O.
Oysters of the genus Ostrea are brooders, releasing larvae instead of gametes during spawning (Buroker 1985, O Foighil & Taylor 2000).
Like other oysters of the genus Ostrea, this species is a brooder and is widely distributed in southern Japan, China, and Korea (Hirase 1930, Bernard et al.
Like other oysters of the genus Ostrea and Ostreola, fertilization and embryonic development in O.