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Phylogenetics of the woodrat genus Neotoma (Rodentia: Muridae): implications for the evolution of phenotypic variation in male external genitalia.
Noteworthy are the interactions between these arachnids and packrats (also known as wondrats) of the genus Neotoma Say and Ord, 1825; to date, 20 genera and 32 species of pseudoscorpions have been registered from the nests of 9 species of packrats.
The absence of molars precludes identification beyond the genus Neotoma
Woodrats of the genus Neotoma are widely known for their construction of conspicuous houses, made of sticks or other available materials (Wiley, 1980; Hall, 1981).
The broad geographic association of WWAV with the rodent genus Neotoma suggests that WWAV is the arenavirus associated with dusky-footed woodrats in the Santa Ana Mountains.
rodents (2), suggesting that in the southern and western United States an unrecognized arenavirus was associated with woodrats, genus Neotoma.
The geographic range of the genus Neotoma extends from western Canada south to Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and includes 33 states in the contiguous United States and 26 of the 32 states in Mexico (21).