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type genus of the family Mytilidae: smooth-shelled marine mussels

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The control region of maternally and paternally inherited mitochondrial genomes of three species of the sea mussel genus Mytilus.
The first microsatellites within the genus Mytilus were developed by Presa et al.
Mussels of the genus Mytilus ate ecologically important as members of inter and subtidal communities.
Overall, future research on the molecular underpinnings of the material performance of mussel byssus that employs a broad comparative approach, beyond the genus Mytilus, will provide valuable insight into the evolution of mussel attachment as well as into the design of novel bio-inspired materials.
For many years, the taxonomy of individuals belonging to the genus Mytilus (Mollusca: Bivalvia) has been subject to controversy, because the accurate establishment of the taxonomic status of their members has proved to be difficult (Soot-Ryen 1955, McDonald et al.
Mussels in the genus Mytilus are abundant and widely distributed marine bivalves that occur in temperate and boreal waters of all oceans and major seas of northern and southern hemispheres (Soot-Ryen 1955).
Adjusting the thermostat: changes in the threshold induction temperature for heat shock protein genes in mussels from the genus Mytilus.
In species of the genus Mytilus, the anatomic proximity of the genital papilla to the mantle tissue is used for the expansion of the gonadal structure and the gametogenic development that takes place mainly in this tissue.
Biochemical and molecular systematics have dramatically altered our understanding of the ecology, evolution, and biogeography of bay or blue mussels of the genus Mytilus (McDonald and Koehn, 1988; Koehn, 1991; Seed, 1992; Rawson and Hilbish, 1995).
Mussels in the genus Mytilus have been the subject of some controversy since the discovery of M.
ABSTRACT Blue mussels in the genus Mytilus are cultured extensively in the Northeastern United States and throughout much of Atlantic Canada.
californianus and the first such report for a species in the genus Mytilus.