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type genus of the family Mytilidae: smooth-shelled marine mussels

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Because classic taxonomic studies have highlighted the difficulty of precisely distinguishing the species of genus Mytilus among each other (McDonald et al.
ABSTRACT The taxonomic status of the Chilean blue mussel Mytilus chilensis has been controversial for decades because of its phenotypic and genetic proximity to other species of the genus Mytilus from both hemispheres.
The classic taxonomic literature describing Chilean marine bivalves considered the "chorito quilmahue" as the single representative of the genus Mytilus in Chile (Osorio et al.
Mussels of the genus Mytilus ate ecologically important as members of inter and subtidal communities.
The genetics and taxonomy of species in the genus Mytilus.
Molecular tools such as allozyme polymorphisms have been useful in clarifying the systematics of the mussel genus Mytilus, mainly in the northern hemisphere where 3 taxa have been identified: M.
These studies have confirmed, extended or reduced the previously reported geographic ranges of some of the species within the genus Mytilus (Bates & Innes 1995, Daguin & Borsa 2000, Gosling 1992, Mallet & Carver 1995, Comesana et al.
The emerging evolutionary and historical picture that appears most consistent with genetic and geological data is that the genus Mytilus evolved in the north Pacific, that the M.
The marine mussel genus Mytilus includes a complex of 3 sibling species, M.
Among bivalves, the genus Mytilus has a cosmopolitan distribution (e.
There has been no report on the feeding by larvae in the genus Mytilus on red-tide dinoflagellates.