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Genus Mentha is one of the most important genera of the family Lamiaceae.
Also for various species of genus Mentha, changes of quantitative and qualitative properties of essential oil during the vegetation season were observed with the maximum yield reached during the flowering period [16,17].
One of the most striking gaps refers to the genus Mentha (Lamiaceae): being represented in Spain for 13 taxa (including hybrids), only 17 samples are preserved ex situ representing four species (none of the hybrids are preserved ex situ).
We followed the latest taxonomical revision of the genus Mentha for the Iberian Peninsula [8].
This guarantees that we are covering the environmental diversity of all taxa of the genus Mentha in Spain.
Two species (Mentha spicata and Mentha pulegium) of genus mentha were chosen to carry out morphological and anatomical studies.
Mint The Genus Mentha Mentha: An Overview of Its Classification and Relationships.