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a genus of herbs that resemble clover

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Genus Medicago with five (5) species and three (3) varieties were dominant with respect to other three genera in this tribe.
Many species of the legume genus Medicago are native to the Mediterranean basin (Lesins and Lesins 1979) and are important as agricultural crops (Irwin et al.
The genus Medicago and the origin of the Medicago sativa complex, p.
Although the genus Medicago comprises about 83 species, Barnes et al.
Genus Medicago (Leguminosae) -- A taxogenetic study.
In the genus Medicago, 2n pollen formation was shown to be due to the disorientation of spindles at metaphase II (Vorsa and Bingham, 1979) or abnormal cytokinesis (Tavoletti et al.
Apomixis as a whole has not been detected in the genus Medicago, but components of apomixis are present.