genus Magnolia

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shrubs or trees of North America or Asia having entire evergreen or deciduous leaves

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A revised survey of the genus Magnolia together with Manglietia and Michelia.
The delimitation of the genus Magnolia (Magnoliaceae).
Few population studies have been done on the genus Magnolia (eg Weaver 1987, Doyle 1989, Gutierrez 1993).
Volume 28 of the well-established series Medicinal and Aromatic Plants--Industrial Profiles comprises a treatment of the medicinally important genus Magnolia.
Charles Plumier named the genus Magnolia after Magnol, and this was the origin of the name Magnoliaceae.
In fact, the genus Magnolia is named for the French botanist Pierre de Magnol, while the soulangiana species name is meant to honor Etienne Soulange, the Parisian hybridizer of this tree.