genus Littorina

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type genus of the family Littorinidae: periwinkles

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The snail genus Littorina includes 18 extant species--8 with feeding larvae, and 10 with nonfeeding, fully encapsulated development (8), (9).
Intracapsular feeding by embryos of the gastropod genus Littorina.
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase polymorphism in the genus Littorina (Prosobranchia: Mollusca).
A preliminary systematic and taxonomic study on the genus Littorina (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia).
The gastropod genus Littorina, the periwinkle snails, contains [approximately]19 species found in the high-shore zone throughout the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans (Reid, 1989; Reid et al.
A cladistic phylogeny of the genus Littorina (Gastropoda): Implications for the evolution of reproductive strategies and classification.