genus Hypericum

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large almost cosmopolitan genus of evergreen or deciduous shrubs and herbs with often showy yellow flowers

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Species of the genus Hypericum (Hypericaceae) have been traditionally used in different parts of the world as antiseptic, diuretic, stomachic, wound healing and antimicrobial agents (von Poser et al.
The genus Hypericum, which is represented by over 10 species in Iran (Karimi, 2002) is one of the medicinal plants that are used in traditional medicine (Prajapati, et al.
Chemical ecologist Thomas Eisner of Cornell University found some of the bitter beer compounds, called DIPs for dearomatized isoprenylated phloroglucinols, in flowers of six species of the genus Hypericum.
John's wort, which is the common name for all plants of the genus Hypericum.
In the course of our ongoing project for the detection of antifungal compounds in native Southern Brazilian plants, we selected species of the genus Hypericum to begin our screening for antifungal compounds.