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a form genus of mostly plant parasites some of which cause dry rot

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Whereas, all isolates of genus Fusarium converged into cluster six to eight and flanking outgroups including one isolate of Syncephalastrum.
The genus Fusarium is the second most common mold-causing invasive infection in severely immunosuppressed patients and is especially common in patients with hematological malignancies or recipients of solid organ, stem cell or allogeneic bone marrow transplants.
The presence of canoe-shaped conidia and chlamydospores are characteristic for members of the genus Fusarium (Nirenberg and O'Donnell, 1998).
Species of the genus Fusarium collectively represent one of the most important toxin-producing molds threatening agricultural crops and commodities throughout the world," O'Donnell says.
The genus Fusarium had many soil borne species which were distributed worldwide and known as plant pathogens since a long time ago (Moss and Smith, 1984).
Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of the PCR-amplified IGS region of ribosomal DNA has been frequently applied to examine intraspecific variations in the genus Fusarium (Appel and Gordon, 1995; Llorens et al.
The Genus Fusarium Commonwealth Mycol Inst Kew Surrey The Eastern Press Limited England.
Fungi of the genus Fusarium isolated from cotton of Tashauz Oblast Turkmen-SSR USSR: IZV Akad Nauk.
The primers showed good specificity for the genus Fusarium, and approximately 389-bp product was amplified exclusively for Fusarium oxysporum (20).
Selection of RAPD- Primers: Genus Fusarium specific 10 base oligonucleotide primers of series OPA-1 to OPA- 10 (Table.
Fungal strain was sequenced and showed 99% sequence similarity with genus Fusarium L.