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02%), the genus Escherichia and Raoultella second with a percentage (21.
Theodor Escherich, who is the first how isolated the species of the genus Escherichia which is a gram-negative bacilli that survive singly or in a pairs; E coli are facultative anaerobic with a type of metabolism that is both fermentative and respiratory.
An overall phylogenetic representation of the genus Escherichia was generated by combining nucleotide sequence data from GenBank for Escherichia fergusonii with outgroup strains Salmonella bongori, S.
coli, a divergent lineage in the genus Escherichia, and novel diversity within the E.
alvei strains demonstrated that they were members of the genus Escherichia (7,10,27) and constituted a new taxon for which the name E.
Serological cross-reactions between Escherichia coli O157 and other species of the genus Escherichia.
Assay for beta-glucuronidase in species of the genus Escherichia and its applications for drinking-water analysis.