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Finally, the family Equisetaceae consists of the living genus Equisetum as well as other extinct herbaceous sphenopsids resembling Equisetum.
The present day species of the genus Equisetum has traditionally been divided into two distinct subgenera: subgenus Equisetum, with eight species and subgenus Hippochaete, with seven species.
Members of the genus Equisetum have the ability to extend their rhizomes deeply into saturated soil (Borg, 1971 ; Marsh et al.
The giant horsetails are of special interest within the genus Equisetum because they give the closest approximation among living plants to the large stature once attained by primeval Sphenopsids (Fig.
The giant horsetails are some of the least known of the 15 species in the genus Equisetum.
It would also be interesting to know whether the two subgenera of the genus Equisetum differ overall in their biomass allocation patterns.
Reasons for the presence or absence of convective (pressurized) ventilation in the genus Equisetum.